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Anonym fragte:

so i follow both your blogs and both are awesome i love how you love cars and sex. I was wondering if you wanna send sex stories or fantasies back and forth would you be willing to give me your email. and by the way you are so sexy

Ty very much !! :)

humblyexcited88 fragte:

Hi Sylvia! I'm a new follower of yours. You are so wonderful :) You're beauty is bringing me to tears :'( I think you are very lovely, fresh, and sexy. Keep smiling, Babe! You made my day :) :) Hey, you're a cool chick, btw - I want a BMW so badly, haha! Sincerely your new (and friendly) follower, Steve

Hey, ty very much, Steve, i appreciate your compliments ! BMW is Germany’s best quality :D

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